ClickBait Character

Are You?


Do you think you are smarter than you are?           Yes

Are you a child trapped in a men’s extra-small sized body?           Yes

Are you paranoid your boss is trying to fire you?           Why? What have you heard?!


Congrats! You're... Mahesh!

(20’s, played by Mahesh Kotagi)

Mahesh is the self-proclaimed personality quiz expert at ClickBait, even though his work has no basis in actual psychology. He reveres himself like a savant, because he never had to work that hard. But the truth is, he’s just been allowed to fail upward at ClickBait. Mahesh is the quintessential, millennial man-child, who expects everything simply because he showed up.

Do you have an over-inflated ego?          Yes

Is there anything to back it up?          No

Would the world be a better place if we made it the 90’s again?           Cowabunga!


Congrats! You're... Dan!

(20’s, played by Daniel Bonventre)

Dan is the nostalgia expert at ClickBait. He loves everything 90’s and Zach Morris is his spirit animal. Dan represents the millennial love of retro-kitsch, ironic nods, and longing for a simpler era that they barely remember. He is best friends and partners in crime with Mahesh. He is the most confident person in the office but is too shy to tell Katie he’s got a crush on her. Katie will inspire Dan to grow and be the best version of himself. It may blossom into romance. It may not. But you can bet it’ll take seven seasons.

Are you way overqualified for your job?          Yes

Has it always been your dream to be a serious journalist?          Yes

Are you ever satisfied with yourself and able to relax?          Able to what?


Congrats! You're... Katie!

(20’s, played by Katie Boland)

Katie is a smart, resourceful, albeit tightly wound journalist. She graduated high in her class from Medill Journalism School at Northwestern University. If it weren’t for the death of print journalism she’d be working at the Chicago Tribune. She resents that she has to work at Clickbait, with its uninteresting content geared toward an uninterested generation. She dreams of breaking big stories, taking down corrupt establishments and taking pride in her work. But until Rick showed up, she’s never had the chance to do so. She’s used to being the “stand out” and because of that, she’s used to being “left out”. That’s why, deep in her heart, Katie yearns to be part of a team. So, while the motley crew at Clickbait may not be the team she had in mind, much like a family, it’s the one she’s got. And eventually, Katie grows proud to be a part of it.

Are you always staring at your phone?          Yes

Are you not only the protagonist of your own life, but the goddamn star of it?      Yes

Are you bored by people because you’re afraid you might care about them?   Ugh, fine.


Congrats! You're... Justin!

(20's, played by Justin Martindale)

Justin is the pop culture guru at ClickBait, mainly because the job description is to care and talk about, the only thing he cares or talks about: everybody else. His head is always in his phone. He’s sharp-tongued, quick to judge and has a flair for the dramatic; but it’s all a deflection to conceal the fact that he has a good heart and genuinely cares about the people he works with, whom he considers his hapless children.

Are you the wildcard of your group?          Yes

Are you scarily good at hacking computers?          Yes

Are you opportunistic and out for yourself?          I’ll tell you, but it’ll cost you.


Congrats! You're…


(30’s, played by Orlando Leyba)

Orlando is the savvy IT Guy at ClickBait. He can be Mahesh & Dan’s best friend, or worst foil, depending on whether or not it suits him. He’s a free agent and a wild card, but he’s trustworthy (in that you can trust him to be out for himself.) Much to everyone’s dismay, Orlando may be the key to “accessing”, or should we say, “hacking” the real hard to get information when it comes to investigative journalism. He’s often the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the staff, and he’s often the last resort when it comes to breaking a story. He does good things for bad reasons and bad things for good reasons; an enigma, inside in a riddle, wrapped in a windbreaker.

Are you bothered by technology?          Yes

Do you adhere to a code of principles that seem to be all but forgotten today?     Yes

Are you the most disagreeable person on the planet? Shut up.

Rick 2.jpg

Congrats! You're... Rick!

(50’s, played by Rick Crom)

Rick is the surly, old school newspaperman hired to be the new editor of Clickbait. He was fired from the New York Times for doing his job and standing up for what journalism once stood for. Rick is a tough nut to crack. He doesn’t suffer fools and has no patience for flippant, flighty or unserious people (basically the entire staff of Clickbait). However, despite being a luddite who will need wild horses to drag him into the 21st century, he’s a true leader and is determined to make ClickBait News the most dynamic and respected media outlet around; while maybe sticking it to his old colleagues in the process.