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season one

Throughout season one we will see the staff of ClickBait grow and change as they begin to take themselves, and their jobs, more seriously. They will begin to take pride in their work, and in each other, as the staff becomes a family under the guidance and leadership of a father figure in Rick.

We will see them succeed in transforming ClickBait into a legitimate news source, as Katie leads the charge in breaking major stories that have far reaching impact in our culture. We will also see the rest of the staff succeed in finding new and ingenious ways to distract themselves and make going to work feel less like... well, work.

But as katie gains media attention for breaking story after story on sexual harassment, a “deep throat” source gives her a tip that involves the president. Though they are unable to confirm the story with a second source, the team decides to embrace their clickbait roots and publish anyway. However, they pay the price when the story is publicly discredited and Clickbait news succumbs to a federal investigation.

season two

Clickbait news is vindicated when their story is confirmed by a special investigation into the president. The new york times purchases clickbait news and the team is absorbed into the most legitimate news source in the country.

The team struggles to fit into an actual corporate structure and is overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities. Rick is confronted with his old nemeses who fired him and the team is edged out by their new coworkers. As a unit, they decide to go rogue and through success, force the institution to change.