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  • Katie aims to prove that there is a gender pay gap at Clickbait. Through investigation, persuasion and the employment of Orlando, Katie learns that THERE IS a pay gap at her own company: she earns way more than her coworkers. Embarrassed, Katie tries to bury the story but is eventually exposed. She humbly offers to take a pay cut to earn back her coworkers friendship, but everyone lets her off the hook if she buys drinks.

  • Mahesh & Dan try to make themselves more appealing to women by listing all their childish habits in an article titled, “Top 10 Most Desirable Qualities in a Partner.” When the article spreads, Mahesh & Dan hit the town and find that their gambit has worked: they meet two girls who are totally into their juvenile lifestyle. However, the plan backfires when it’s revealed that the girls are into Mahesh & Dan because they too are juvenile and obnoxious. Having met their female counterparts, Mahesh & Dan find themselves abhorrent.

  • Phones - Rick puts in a mandate there are no phones allowed at the offices anymore. Justin has a breakdown. hemispheres of his brain come online as he slowly transforms into an 18th century philosopher.

  • Rick makes a wager that he can Pygmalion Mahesh into a real, functioning adult by the end of the day. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

  • Mahesh and Dan steal Rick’s voice recorder and start pitching all his ideas to make themselves look like geniuses, but when Rick finds out he starts planting bad ideas into his recorder.

  • The Clickbait offices get hacked and Orlando has to help get things turned around. Dan and Mahesh suspect Orlando did the hacking and investigate. This is one of the wackiest episodes ever.

  • Bottle Episode: Rick forces everyone to work an overnight and the office devolves into a prison dynamic.

  • The Wall - The neighboring offices decide to build a wall around clickbait to keep the noise down. This creates everyone at Clickbait to be divided.

  • Immigration - This would involve parents at the co offices to bring their kids to work one day and leave them. The kids are left at the Clickbait offices becasue there are toys and stuff there. The Clickbait offices debate if they should keep the kids or kick them out.

  • Offensive Tweets - The offices are holding a annual awards ceremony and Justin has been chosen to host. Someone digs up old offensive tweets about the landscaping at the offices and he is removed from his hosting duties.